Hosted IVR Service Provider

CloudShope Technologies is one of the best Hosted IVR Service Provider which helps to improve your business’s communications. In other words, we can say that you can improve your business communication with India’s one of the best Hosted IVR Service Provider. Hosted IVR is a simplified business phone system that is primarily utilised to improve the user experience through its multifunctional call handling capabilities. It is mostly used to redirect client calls to various departments based on the DTMF keypad tones entered by callers. Companies may make an impression on their customers by using a hosted IVR professional voice greeting to leave a lasting impression.

Hosted IVR Service Provider
How does Hosted IVRS work?
  • CloudShope Technologies IVRS enables businesses to route calls to the right department, increasing productivity and reducing time spent offering assistance.


  • You’ll get a set of 23 apps that will help you automate call flow based on your needs.


  • With apps like SMS, Email, and others, you may create your own call flow.

Improve your business calling system with hosted IVR

Bring call automation with hosted IVR- Your company can benefit from call automation by using a hosted IVR system. Manual call routing via extension dialling is a time-consuming technique in which a human operator must transfer customer calls one by one to various agents. This process is automated with a hosted IVR Service Provider, saving the consumer time and promoting a positive brand image.

Productivity increases-  Of course, by automating call management processes, hosted IVR saves agents time. As a result, you’ll have a high call acceptance rate, which will help you increase your company’s profits. It also reduces the likelihood of operators missing consumer calls. As a result, it improves agent productivity during business hours.


Features of Hosted IVR solution

  1. Calls routing- Calls from customers are routed to specific departments based on DTMF keypad tones.

  2. Dashboard in actual time- Easily and effectively track the performance of your business calls with a real-time dashboard. Assign follow-ups to team members too.

  3. Call tracking- With the help of a Hosted IVR Service Provider, you may track your business calls on a regular basis to keep an eye on your agents’ performance.

  4. CRM  Integration- Our Hosted IVR System can be completely linked with your CRM. It’s giving you a one platform business view and allowing you to see your marketing, sales, and support platforms all in one place. From lead generation to post-sale assistance, stay in touch with your customers.

  5. Call recording analytics- Analyze your product-related consumer behaviour via  live customer call recordings . After that, you can use it to improve your product.

 Why Your Business Needs CloudShope Technologies’s Hosted IVR Service


Handle Call Volume-  Do you get a lot of phone calls? Our IVR system assists you in managing high call volumes. There’s no reason to be concerned about losing leads. Simply take a seat and relax. Allow the IVR to take care of your calls.


Improve Customer Service- IVR makes it simple to respond to your consumers’ questions. Allow them to go to the right department on the first try. Build trust by providing a hassle-free experience for your customers.


Create a Professional Image for Your Business-  IVR can help you in improving your professional image, and developing various departments can help you build a stronger brand image with your customers.


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