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 Cloushope Technologies is one of the best  IVR Solution Provider Companies in India. Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is an automatic telephony system that handles any call volume of your customers. At CloudShope, the simplest IVR Solution Provider, we provide smart IVR service configured with a virtual IVR number. Our modern IVR service improves productivity and knowledge because it enables you to map departments and agents using the extension so you can interact with your customers and route calls to the suitable agent or department.

IVR Solution Provider
Best IVR Solution Provider


Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is an automated telephony system that connects with callers, gathers information and transmits calls to the relevant recipients. An interactive voice response system (IVRS) receives a combination voice telephone input and touch-tone keypad selection and responds with voice, fax, callback, email, and other contact options. IVR is generally used to handle inbound calls as well as outbound notifications, such as reminding customers to pay their bills. Set up your IVR to meet your specific company objectives, increase the efficiency of your staff, and provide a more professional client experience. If you need to set up a more complicated call flow, the tool Call Flow Designer will assist you with this.

Types Of IVR 

  1. Single-level IVR

  2. Multi-level IVR


  1. Single-level IVR- This is the most basic type of IVR. You can only add a single layer of IVR to your call flow with this type. Single-level IVR is perfect for simple use cases when a single input is all that is required to connect with an agent or send a message.
  2. Multi-level IVR- Multi-level IVR can be considered as an IVR within an IVR. Creating an IVR menu with a 0-9 prompt can be difficult at times. You can use multiple layers of IVR in your call flow to streamline the process in this situation.

How interactive voice response works

  •  An IVR Solution Provider provides predefined voice responses for specific situations, keypad signal logic, data access, and the capacity to record voice input for later use. IVR systems can hand off a call to a human who can read data about the caller on a display using computer telephony integration (CTI).


  • Dual-tone multi-frequency (DTMF) signals are also used in IVR systems to communicate between a phone and a computer. To understand DTMF signals, the computer needs a telephony board or card.

Features & Benefits Of IVR Solution Provider


  1. Customer Database – Cloudshope Technologies can construct a database in the most natural way possible with an Interactive Voice Response System. It keeps track of every transaction a customer has ever done.

  2. rsonalised Connect-Pe Our Company, Cloudshope Technologies is a IVR Solution Provider Company. It can use an Interactive Voice Response System to establish a platform that supports a variety of regional languages and dialects, as well as communicate with callers and route them to the desired departments.

  3. Call recording with real-time reporting- Each customer’s call logs and recordings are kept, as well as the call’s status (connected/not connected/missed) via an Interactive Voice Response System. On your IVR Number, you can record all calls, keep call logs, and share call status (connected/not connected/missed). Audits can also be run on these calls to see if there are any differences in the process.

  4. Multiple Language Support- Customers can deviate from the options given through IVR by selecting their chosen language. Businesses can overcome language barriers and create a positive client experience.

  5. Collecting feedback- The Interactive Voice Response System makes it easy to record surveys and opinion surveys. Following the completion of their calls, agents can link callers to a dedicated IVR Solution Provider to capture important and secret information.

  6. Increase Agent Productivity- By handling call transfers in a systematic manner, IVR allows agents to be more productive. Agents can increase their productivity over time by using call monitoring and recording. As a result, both the agents and the company are more efficient overall.

  7. A Professional Person- An enterprise can properly cater to the needs of its customers with an Interactive Voice Response System. It takes the caller’s input via a keypad, processes the request, and routes the user to a designated department that can resolve the customer’s problem.


Contact Information:

Company Name – CloudShope Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Contact No.- 9027890278

Website: https://www.cloudshope.com/

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