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Who We Are?

We at CloudShope have a set of young aspiring entrepreneurs with the mission to modernize the world with the control of internet and cloud telephony. We are the leading Cloud Telephony Service provider in India. We do not hire employees; we hire entrepreneurs and give them a chance to polish their skills by giving their 100% to the company.

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What we deliver

We work to deliver quality service at reasonable rates. We assist our customers reap the benefit of the newest enhancement in IT and telecom sectors.For us the most significant is that the customers begin using the newest technologies for sales and support purpose. Our support team is obtainable around the clock to help our customers.

Our Culture?

We hold a reflective culture that stresses quality, excellence, and dependable cost effective solutions for our clients in area of cloud telephony services. We concentrate every day on customer’s business supplies. Our success can be right accredited to our complete attention to customer service and gratification and our communications services enterprise dealings around the world.

Integrated Solution

We remove the intricacies as all services are accessible through one integrated cloud platform. We let it easy by offering all the global communication services needed, on single integrated platform of cloud telephony. Whether your necessity is just cloud telephony or any advance telephony system we have the ability to satisfy exactly what you need.

Whether you are using an IP desk phone, a soft phone from your notebook or tablet, a mobile app on your smart phone or just by your internet setup, you can quickly access any of our cloud contact centers and cloud telephony solutions for service.

Scalability with cost saving

We have established the technology, system and partnerships to bring the world's most efficient cloud telephony solution. No boxes, no authorizations, no software upgrades, no capital expenditure are required.

You can get all telephony, alliance, contact center, IVR, agreement, security and carrier services from CloudShope in the cloud, fully united, fabulous intelligence with huge cost saving.

Whether you have a team of 25 or 5,000, in single location or 50, our platform has the ability, flexibility and scale to satisfy your communication needs.

Flexibility to enhance your business portfolio:

Because our platform is a cloud based telephony solution, all features and services are always available in the cloud and are available when you require them. Business growth implies you now need contact center, IVR, bulk sms, bulk email, miss call service, bulk voice call, call archiving, etc. Simply tell us your business communication requirements and we just turn them on. You still have to pay only the monthly fee.”. No hardware necessary and no installation prices, just on-request communications from single cloud telephony solution with flexibility.

Get more from our IT and CRM platforms:

Our cloud based telephony solution platform logically integrates with your current IT and CRM systems, allowing excellent levels of functionality and co-operation.

You can transform your communications and stop many telephony costs. We are the global provider of cloud telephony services through a solitary, integrated platform of cloud software. Our cloud telephony service is cast-off by customers worldwide on any device, crossways all offices and locations.

Our advanced cloud telephony solution eliminates the necessity for multi-site businesses to have numerous vendors and transporters, by including all users on a solitary global cloud-based platform. As our cloud telephony solution is software dependent, eliminating or adding features and users is as simple as tapping a button. No additional hardware headaches and expensive installation & support charges.

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We take away some of the biggest pain points of traditional systems like EPABX.


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