Difference Between Auto Dialer & Manual Dialer

A dialer is an automated system that places calls from an outbound call center to customers. Automated dialing means that contact center agents don’t spend any time physically inputting telephone numbers. The major difference between auto-dialer and manual dialer is that manual dialer requires agent but auto-dialer doesn’t require agent for dialing the number manually.

The major difference between auto dialers and manual dialers >> 

1. Dialing Mode Support 

The manual dialers require agents to place outbound calls manually. Hence, the agents can control the outbound calls according to precise needs of individual marketing campaigns. But the auto dialers these days support preview, progressive, and predictive dialing modes.

2. Customer information Access

While using a manual dialer, agents need to access customer information by scouring the computer screen or paper records frequently. But the auto dialers dials telephone numbers stored in a database or spreadsheet automatically and sequentially. 

3. Call Volume

No modern call center can handle a large number of outbound calls using manual dialers. The auto dialers help call centers to manage large-scale marketing campaigns and high volume outbound calls. 

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