Use case of Call masking service

 Use case of Call Masking Service

Call Masking


Call Masking is a technique used in marketplaces to keep personal phone numbers of customers and sellers private. It assigns each partner a short-term phone number that allows them to communicate effortlessly for a specific duration of time.

Number masking or call masking is an advanced data protection measure established to ensure the privacy of agents and the caller’s personal details. 

In Other words, The Call Masking feature keeps your real phone number hidden. There’s no need to give your phone number to everyone when you are calling.   You can only share it with the callers you choose.

Call Masking Service


In this blog I want to discuss one of the coolest features in CloudShope Technologies. This feature is called Call Masking or Number Masking. Call Masking or Number Masking is an advanced data protection technique. Which is established to ensure the privacy of the agent & the caller’s personal details. CloudShope Technologies is one of the best Call Masking Service providers in India.

Use case of Call masking service

Use case of Call masking service
  • Call Tracking- It is the process that is used to determine how callers found your business.

  • Call Recording-  It is the ability to record a conference call and an active  call.

  • Call Monitoring-  Call Masking or Number Masking is used for call monitoring.

  • Easy Integration with any software or application- Call Masking or Number Masking Service is used for easy integration with any software or application.

Lets have an example of Call Masking Service- 

Taxi Provider- Let’s say we have millions of travellers who are booking for the cabs &  We have several no. of drivers. Whenever a Cab is booked. We  can dynamically create an extension for the Customer that will be given to the driver. So, when the driver has to call the customer. He just has to remember the extension number. So Once Extension no. is dialed. It will automatically link to the Customer. So  Customer will not see the driver number and even the driver will not be able to see Customer’s number. So We can say that this feature is used to keep the privacy of both (Customer’s details and driver’s details).  

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