Cloud Telephony Service Provider in India

 Cloud Telephony Service provider in India- CloudShope is offering Cloud Telephony Service in India. In other words, CloudShope Technologies is one of the best Cloud Telephony Service Providers in India.

What is Cloud Telephony

Cloud telephony software is a phone system that works with your internet connection to run your business. Your business will benefit from a cloud telephony system because it is incredibly stable and easy to access from your phone to the cloud. It also allows you to serve a larger population and boost your company’s efficiency.

Cloud Telephony Service provider in India

Like Cloud Computing, where the service provider controls all of the equipment and clients only pay for the services and resources they consume. Similarly, Cloud Telephony removes the need to maintain and develop costly infrastructure.

How Can Cloud Telephony Help Your Company?

  • Premium Services- Customer service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with prompt responses.
  • Call Recordings- Real-time call analytics are available.
  • No need for infrastructural support- We are the ones who deploy and manage everything.
  • Redundancy- This is a term used to describe a situation. Unlike other systems, there is no single point of failure.
  • Widgets for IVR Complaint management widgets, for example, are ready to use.
  • CRM with multiple users- Every agent has access to CRM.
  • Cost-cutting-  blacklisting and working hours are put up for cost control.

How Cloud Telephony Works 

  • The entire cloud telephony service is based on the telecom infrastructure of a Licensed Telecom Service Provider (TSP), who controls the spectrum, switching centres, and telecom subscribers.
  • CTSPs (Cloud Telephony Service Providers) develop their infrastructure on top of TSP services. CTSP functions as an aggregator, gathering services from a variety of TSPs before developing its application layer, or software, to provide Value Added Services.
  • Almost every CTSP provides an IVR (Interactive Voice Response System) service, which acts as a gateway to collect caller input during the conversation and develop processes based on it.
  • We can see in the above graphic that many callers are dialling a number, which is then answered by the CTSP’s IVR, which then routes calls to different agents or provides information directly through the Text-To-Speech system based on the caller’s input.

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