Click to Call Service Provider In India

Click to Call Service Provider In India – Click to call services simply click the button below, bridging the gap between the customer and the company. Allow visitors to dial a virtual number by clicking a button on the website. Receive a notification with their phone number and connect with them right away. With a single click, call contacts from web apps, including third-party CRMs. Allow customers and agents to communicate with one another through mobile apps.

Click to Call Service Provider In India, Click to Call Service
Click to Call Service Provider In India


CloudShope Technologies, The best Cloud Telephony service Provider offers  Click To Call Service that allows businesses to improve leads by turning website visitors into sales leads. The solution provides for instant interaction between the appropriate customer service representative and website visitors, allowing for efficient customer assistance. It helps in the improvement of sales conversions and marketing campaigns conducted online.


In other words, CloudShope Technologies is one of the best Click to call service provider in India. Click to call is an advanced technology solution feature. It lets you dial a customer’s number  It allows you to dial a customer’s phone number by simply clicking on the number, avoiding the need to dial manually. CloudShope click to call service increases agent productivity by allowing them to spend less time dialling out customer numbers.


Features of Click to call

  • Easy integration with any system.
  • Call recordings of both sides.
  • No number dialing manually.
  • Widget for Making Calls Immediately.
  • Pre-call sound for users and agents.
  • Detailed reports with export to CSV option.
  • Fetch report from API.
  • Call from a masked number.

Use Cases

  • Improved Lead Conversion
  • Astrology
  • Doctor consultation 
  • Customized Reporting
  • There is no manual dialing available.
  • Increased Operational Effectiveness.
  • Improved Customer Service

Why Click to call service is Important for Your Business

  • Increase your online Conversions- Those who are unable to obtain answers on their own and require additional information can use our Click to Call service, which provides real-time proactive call centre assistance.
  • Campaigns For Marketing- To calculate the ROI of each campaign, include a click-to-call button in your email and ad campaigns.
  • Never Ignore Leads- By being ready to chat to your clients when they need information, you can build a brand around outstanding service.
  • Bounce Rate is Reduced- Assist clients in making important decisions that would benefit from real-time expert help. Stop people from leaving your website.
  • Calls That Convert- Click To Call can be easily added to web pages to provide real-time audio support. You will be able to communicate with your customers.

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