Top 5 Auto Dialer Service Provider in Noida

One of the top Auto Dialer Service Provider, selected by you, does a lot of things for your Business. It helps you in managing large number of calls, analyzing your agent’s performance, tracking real-time reports and many more things added in the list.

There are multiple companies offering you these services with bundle of different features, making it difficult for businesses to select the best one for the business which is worth your money. Enhance your call management system with Cloudshope’s Auto dialer services, which is one of the Top 5 Auto Dialer Service Provider in Noida, integrated with powerful cloud telephony features.

Every business needs to step up with the growing customer demands, optimize their existing IT ecosystem and migrate to a technology that can ensure seamless customer experience. With increasing Digitalization, Cloud Technology and artificial intelligence picking up the pace, contact Cloudshope, which is one of the Top 5 Auto Dialer Service Provider in Noida to identify the potential advantages of auto dialer services.


An auto dialer service is an outbound dialer that helps businesses automatically dial out a huge set of leads and saves significant time for your agents. Auto Dialer enables you to connect a customer to a live agent without manually dialling the numbers. This leads to increased productivity and efficiency of yours agents.

Auto Dialer Service also allows you to assign calls to different agents, depending on certain conditions. Businesses in Real Estate, Insurance Sector, Education Institutions, Financial Service Providers, Political Marketing, Debt and Bill Collection, Weather Forecasting, E-commerce, and many other industries use an auto dialer service from Cloudshope, which is one of the Top 5 Auto Dialer Service Provider in Noida, to reach out to a large number of customers.

Top 5 Auto Dialer Service Provider in Noida

Below are the Top 5 Auto Dialer Service Provider in Noida-

  1. Cloudshope Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
  2. Cloudbuzz B2B Solutions Pvt. Ltd
  3. Cube Software Pvt.Ltd.
  4. DialDesk
  5. Vertage dialer


  1. Preview Dialer
    It helps to dial one number at a time. It also gives an option to agent view the details before call. It also allows agent whether he wants to confirm dialing that call or he wants to cancel that call.
  • Sequential Dialer
    In sequential dialer numbers are dialer one after the other in sequence as mention in the data. No manual confirmation is need before call and no option is there to skip any call. This is best for the companies who have less number of agents for calling.

    3) Predictive Dialer
    In predictive dialer, multiple numbers are dialed per agent and only connected calls are redirected to the agents. All the calls are recorded for tracking purposes.
  • Manual Dialer

Cloudshope also provide you with an option of one to one dialing with number masking. All the calls will be recorded for tracking purpose and admin can access it anytime and check the live status also. This manual dialing can be done from mobile and desktop both.


  • Reduced requirement of manpower-

Auto dialer services helps in cutting down manpower requirement by significantly increasing agent productivity, thereby enabling companies to achieve more with fewer resources.

  • Increases Sales Output-

An auto dialer significantly increases a company’s sales as it can make more number of calls as compared to manual Dialing in the same period of time. Hence, results in more sales.

  • Higher Efficiency

Auto Dialer services, improves agent efficiency and productivity with less requirement of workforce. Automate your outbound calling from Cloudshope, which is one of the Top 5 Auto Dialer Service Provider in Noida and see a significant increase in connected call rate

  • Saves Time

Manual Dialing for a large number of customers is time-consuming. Call center auto dialer ensures a streamlined and scalable outbound calling process.

  • No Manual Dialing

Save your agents’ time by automating your calling process in business. Call an unlimited number of customers in just a few clicks.

  • Live Dashboard for Real Time Tracking

By having a glance over real-time problems using live dashboards, agents can take quick actions to improve and managers can also take better decision for future prospects. To assure call quality, managers can also monitor the performance of agents by listening call recordings with the help of auto dialer services provided by Cloudshope, which is one of the Top 5 Auto Dialer Service Provider in Noida.

  • Live Call Barging

Cloudshope provides you an option to get added to a live call to monitor the conversation between clients and the agent just in a click. It also allows you to monitor the first login & Last logout time, thus creating an advantage to use Auto dialer system from Cloudshope, which is one of the Top 5 Auto Dialer Service Provider in Noida.

  • Custom CRM Integration

Another best advantage which Cloudshope offers you is CRM integration.

Whether it is Leadsquared , Zoho CRM, Bitrix, salesforce, etc or any inbuilt CRM, all can be easily integrated with our auto dialer services.


Enhance the sales efficiency & Increase your revenue with Cloudshope, one of the Top 5 Auto Dialer Service Provider in Noida. Through its various distinctive features and customization, Cloudshope has already transformed businesses of various sectors and now it’s your turn to experience the power of cloud telephony with our auto dialer services.

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