Best IVR Service Provider in Delhi NCR

Best IVR Service provider in Delhi NCR

Interactive voice response also known as IVR Services, is well known for customer support and managing calls leading to direct the right call to the right department. IVR helps to automate your incoming business calls adding professionalism to your business by redirecting the right call to the right group of agents depending on the inputs provided via customers, hence saving the time of customers as well as agents.

There are several providers in India but what makes Cloudshope the Best IVR Service provider in Delhi NCR

Let’s have a look at the USP:-

USP’S of IVR Service- Multi-level IVR, Multi-language IVR, reply SMS, auto-reply IVR, Auto reply WhatsApp, email alerts to the admin, Agent & Admin SMS, Sticky Agent, Maximum Call Limit, Blacklisting, Auto Click to Call, etc.  

USP’S & Advantages

Cloudshope is one of the Best IVR Service providers in Delhi NCR. Here are some best features that make Cloudshope the best out of its competitors –  

1) Time-Based IVR: You can set a different IVR flow for office hours and a different flow for nonoffice hours, depending on your office timings.

2) Call Policy: You can divert your calls to different agents in different departments based on-call policy. You can use – Parallel, Sequential, Round Robin, Group Round robin, and Hybrid policies.

3) Voice mail:  Adding to be advantages, clients can also leave a voice mail if the agents are not available.

4) Email Alerts: We offer you Daily, weekly, and monthly email alerts for all the reports of IVR over the mentioned mail id.

5)Admin & Agent SMS: Cloudshope provides you this option so that the admin can track who answered the call when calls are getting missed. When they are not being answered, etc  

6) Auto Reply Feature integrated with IVR that is Best IVR Service Providers in Delhi NCR: You will get an option to integrate a number of auto-reply features with your custom IVR flow. Few of them are –

A) Auto reply SMS

B) Auto Reply WhatsApp

C) Auto Reply IVR

D) Auto Reply Voice Call

E) Auto Reply Click to Call

F) Auto Reply MMS

G) Auto Reply Survey

7) API Integration:  Cloudshope further provides you with an option to get the services integrated with any of your CRM tools easily.  

8)Sticky Agent: this feature avoids wasting agents’ and customers’ time by directly transferring customers’ calls to the same agent to whom they spoke first. That directly means it sticks a particular customer to a particular agent depending on the first interaction if the client.

9) Maximum Call Limit: You can apply a limit to receive maximum call per day and maximum call lifetime from a single registered mobile number, to avoid entertaining the same call again and again.  

10) Detailed Reporting: A complete detailed report is provided with the recording of the conversation done by the client and the agent.  

Why Cloudshope?  

Why Cloudshope is the Best IVR Service Provider in Delhi NCR. Let’s check out

Enhance your customer experience from Cloudshope’s cost-effective, efficient, and user-friendly IVR Solution.

1) User-friendly: We provide you with a user-friendly portal that is easy to access.  

2) Live Call Tracking: Cloudshope provides you a live dashboard to track all your agent’s live calls by providing a live dashboard option.

3) Call Barging:  The best advantage what you should choose Cloudshope is, that it provides you a live call barging option in which you can enter a live call without the agent and client being informed. That’s why Cloudshope is known as the Best IVR Service provider in Delhi NCR

4) Call Whispering: It provides you with an option to directly have a conversation with the agent on a live call without the customer being informed of it.  

5) Cost Effective: We provide you with all these features at very affordable prices with N number of features.  

6) Instant Setup: A quick setup process that takes hardly any time to start with your IVR.  

7) Easy Integration: It offers you to integrate the IVR services with any platform in a very simple way. And it makes the Best IVR Service providers in Delhi NCR 

8) Auto Click to call:  The feature prevents any leads from being missed as an auto click to call can be initiated after the call gets missed within a few minutes.

All the above feature makes the Cloudshope Best IVR Service provider in Delhi NCR

 So your customers need not wait for a long time for a callback, which will further make a positive impact on your clients.  Start converting your leads into deals by simply availing yourself the IVR Services from Cloudshope to redirect the right call to the right person. For more information, visit our website or contact us at 90278-90278.

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