Best Auto Dialer System For Call Centers 

Best Auto Dialer System for Call Centers

The auto dialer is one of the important services that are used by the Cloud Telephony solutions. As the name implies, the call is dialed automatically without the human power to manually dial it. Cloudshope Technologies in Noida offers the Best Auto Dialer System for Call Centers as part of a complete call centre solution. Autodialer or automatic dialer. Here in this blog we are going to discuss the main auto dialers and their features and functioning.

An auto-dialer is of three types.

1. Preview Dialer

2. Sequential dialer

3. Predictive dialer

 All these dialers provide theBest Auto Dialer Systems for Call Centersfor complete call centre solutions.

  1. Preview Dialer

 A preview or power dialer is an automated dialer in which agent permission is required before calling the customer. Here in the preview dialer, we upload data in bulk. The contacts list can be uploaded into the preview dialer as per requirement. There is no limit to the data in the preview dialer. The data or contacts list which is uploaded must be in CSV format and the first column of the data must contain the contact number only. The contacts which are entered in the CSV file must not have any 0 or +91 in the prefix.

It only accepts data with the contact’s first ten digits. The preview dialer is used on the mobile only with the Cloudshope app, i.e., Troop Tracker, which is available on the Google play store for free. When we talk about the Best Auto Dialer Systems for Call Centers, Preview Dialer is one of the important services that are provided by Cloudshope Technologies. In the preview dialer, only post pop is available for the CRM form. CRM is the format in which a customer’s entry or data is uploaded by an agent for future use. When the call is disconnected, a popup will appear to fill in the details of the customer required by the agent for future use. So, whenever a company requires the Best Auto Dialer System for Call Centers, Cloudshope Technologies Noida is the only name that comes to mind.

2. Dialer Sequential

Cloudshope Technologies’ Best Auto Dialer System for Call Centers is another important service offered by the company. As the name implies, sequential means that the call will connect in a specific order. Similar to the preview dialer, the data is uploaded in CSV format only having the contact number in the first column, and in other columns the required data can be filled in. When the data is uploaded onto the panel, The CRM mapping is done with the respective columns. For example, the mobile is mapped with the mobile in the CRM form, name with name etc. And the column will be seen in the popup.

There are two types of popups in the sequential dialer: pre-popup and post-popup. In the pre-popup, only a few details will be available, like mobile number and name. While in the post popup, the entire details will be visible to the agent, which he has to fill up for future uses. That is why it is called the best auto dialer system for call centers for complete call centre solutions. In a sequential dialer, the calls will be connected one by one and no data waste is possible as the system will try to connect with each number.

In a sequential dialer, calling can be possible from both mobile phones and the system itself. For mobile phones, troop trackers are required, and for desktop phones, an app is needed, i.e., xlite or micro sip, whose credentials are created by the Cloudshope team only. For the best auto-dialer system for call centers, one should consider the Sequential Dialer.

Predictive Dialer

Predictive dialer is also one of the important auto dialer services that come under the Best auto dialer systemsfor call centersfor complete call centre solutions. In a predictive dialer, the call works on a random basis, i.e., a predictive base. The CRM form similarly works as the sequential and is uploaded similarly as the sequential dialer. But the main difference between predictive dialer and sequential dialer is that the number of calls depends on the call speed. Suppose there are 10 agents in each company.

When the call speed is set at 2, 20 calls will be sent in parallel. Whichever customer from 20 calls picks up the call, it will connect and other calls will go to waste. There is too much waste of time in the predictive dialer which is the Best Auto Dialer System for Call Centers. Cloudshope technologies are the name to consider for Best Auto Dialer Systems for Call Centers and complete call centre solutions. The best call centre auto-dialer systems, such as preview dialer, sequential dialer, and predictive dialer, are those that help your business grow. The above services are provided by Cloudshope Technologies Noida at a very affordable price.

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