Top IVR Service Provider in Gujarat

Cloud based IVR (Interactive Voice Responses) Service is the best way to manage or direct your calls very effectively now a days. We are the Top IVR Service Provider in Gujarat and we provide the best Cloud IVR (Interactive Voice Responses) Systems for your business which is an absolutely automated call management solution for all Organizations. With the help of a cloud-based system, your calls get transferred to your Agents automatically. We use IVR Services for incoming purposes and we do provide Virtual & Toll-Free Numbers for IVR Service on which your customer can call to connect with you. And to make sure that your business requirements of IVR Services are getting fulfilled, we are providing IVR Services in Ahmedabad as well and we are the leading IVR Service Provider in Ahmedabad.

In detail, this is basically a business phone system feature that is automated and interacts with clients and gathers information by giving them choices via the menu, it is similar to the Receptionist. Then the actions of the IVR get decided on the basis of the choices of the clients. It gives all of the options to the clients as if they want some information related to their issues or if they want to talk to the human agent. And we are providing this solution to our clients to make sure that their Agents are just talking to those clients who actually have some queries or requirements and that is why we are the Top IVR Service Provider in Gujarat

We provide time-based IVR i.e., you can set up a different flow for office hours and non-office hours.

Top IVR Service Provider in Gujarat

There are 5 auto-reply features that we provide-

1. SMS-

You can send 4 types of autoreply SMS to customers.

  • First SMS-If the customer calls for the first time, then the customer will receive an SMS.

e.g., Thank you for calling us. To register yourself click on the below link.

  • Second SMS-If the same customer calls for the 2nd time or more than that then he/she will receive a different SMS.

e.g. You are already registered with us. In case you have any queries reach out to us on XXXX number.

  • Missed SMS-If the customer calls do not get connected to the agents, they will get different SMS.

e.g. Currently all agents are busy. Please call again later.

  • Answered SMS-When the customers get connected to the agents, they will get different SMS.

e.g. You just spoke to our agent. Hope your query was resolved.

2. Bot SMS-

It is used to send robotic chat sessions via SMS to the customer. Based on the response of the customer that chat flow goes on. We are the top IVR service provider in Ahmedabad.

3. Voice call-

After the call is disconnected, a voice call will be made to the customer. Clients can send a Voice call for feedback, and that is why we come on the list of Top IVR Service providers in Ahmedabad.


This is just like a voice call but here clients can send multiple questions wherein they can also transfer to agents who collect the complaints.


Autoreply WhatsApp message will be sent to customers after the call is disconnected. WhatsApp can be sent by the company’s number or agent’s number.

Email-Clients can provide an email id in which they want to receive daily, weekly or monthly reports.

API-Application Program Interface is used for integration purposes. There are 2 options-

Pre API-API’s hit before the calls land to IVR i.e. Only the customer’s number is visible to the agent during the call.

Post-API-API’s hit after the call i.e. All the details agents can see like a number, email, and other details which are available on CRM.

Sticky agent-When the customer calls on the IVR number for the first time and he gets connected to agent 1, then whenever the customer calls, he will get connected to the same agent. The customer does not have to repeat their queries again and again.

Max call per day-The client can give a limit on how many times a particular customer calls in a day.

Max call lifetime– The client can give a limit on how many times a particular customer calls in the entire lifetime.

There are 3 different policies for transferring to the agents-

  • Sequential-If the clients have priorities of agents and want that first calls should always land on a particular agent and then the next, then this policy is used.
  • Parallel-The customer call will land on all the agents. Whichever agent picks up, gets connected and others get disconnected.
  • Round-robin-The calls will land in a serial manner.1st call will go to Agent 1;2nd call will go to Agent 2 and so on.

The admin can also join the call between agent and customer in 3 ways-

  • Conferencing Call -The voice of admin will be audible to both customer and agent when he joins the call.
  • Call whispering -The voice of admin will only be audible to the agent and not the customer when he joins the call.
  • Call barging-The voice of the admin will not be audible to both agent and customer when he joins the call.

We also provide a voicemail feature which clients can enable to collect queries of customer during non-office hour, and that is why we come in the list of Top IVR Service Provider in Gujarat.

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