Top 5 IVR Service Provider in India

Top 5 IVR Service Provider in India – IVR (Interactive Voice Response) is a technique that allows a pre-recorded speech to connect with humans via the keypad using voice and DTMF keypads. There are so many IVR Service Provider Companies in India. Here, we will discuss the Top 5 IVR Service Provider in India. In other words, we can say that In this blog i want to share about Top 5 IVR Service Provider in India. CloudShope Technologies provides IVR Service for small and large businesses in India. CloudShope Technologies is one of the best IVR Service Providers in India. It is primarily used by huge companies because it allows clients to interact with services without requiring human support.

Take, for example, Airtel customer service, Apple customer service, AT&T customer service, and many more.

  • By adding scripts, anyone can utilise it.
  • Callers have the ability to conduct business.
  • Customers can contact a customer service agent by calling.
Top 5 IVR Service Provider in India
IVR technology has become a valuable tool for businesses such as banks, LPG gas providers, customer service, and Amazon shipments, and many others.

Top 5 companies which provide IVR solutions for all sector businesses to resolve customer’s queries like Bank, Finance, Sales & Marketing, Call centres, & Insurance.
Top 5 IVR Service Provider Companies are listed below:

  1. CloudShope

  2. Knowlarity

  3. Exotel

  4. MyOperator

  5. Ozonetel

1 CloudShope- CloudShope Technologies is one of the best Cloud IVR solution providers in India  Because of the smart and advanced technology on which CloudShope Technologies IVR is built. It is mostly used by major businesses since it allows customers to interact with services without the need for human assistance. View Profile

  • Mobile App
  • API

2. Knowlarity- Knowlarity is a leading cloud telephony solution provider in India enabling cloud-based business communication. The traditional contact centre will be upgraded to a smarter virtual calling platform by switching to cloud solutions. View Profile

3. Exotel- Exotel makes it easy for businesses in India to route incoming customer calls using a hosted number. When a consumer calls a company, an IVR greeting is played, and the customer is asked who they would like to speak with. The call is forwarded to the appropriate person based on the customer’s inputs. It is also simple to track call performance because all calls are routed through a virtual number. View More

4. MyOperator- My Operator is one of the top 5 IVR Service Provider. IVR solutions have permitted businesses to encourage seamless communication between all clients, stakeholders, and team members of business organisations across all countries and industries. MyOperator is a strong company that believes in the importance of clear and professional communication and we’ve seen how IVR does this. Know More

5. Ozonetel- Our multi-level IVR provides your users with a more ordered set of alternatives. It allows individuals to choose options using natural language or DTMF tones. Customers can contact your agents wherever they are using a single customer-facing number because it is a cloud IVR solution.

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