Bulk Voice Broadcasting Services

CloudShope Technologies  is India’s leading cloud telephony service provider. Our Company is providing Bulk Voice Broadcasting Services. Our goal is to automate voice communication for all types and sizes of businesses by moving from a traditional system to a cloud phone system.

What is Voice Broadcasting Services- Voice Broadcasting is a mass communication technology that allows you to send automated calls to a large number of people at the same time. You can use the call forwarding service for notifications, alerts, quotes, announcements, surveys, etc. You can also record the customer response by implementing a simple IVR on the call blast.


Bulk Voice Broadcasting Services


Features of Bulk Voice Broadcasting Services Software

Text to Speech- Our “text-to-speech” engine can speak the text you type through a call like a human. In addition, you can also upload your own audio files.

Call tracking and recording- You can track all calls directly from the CloudShope dashboard. CloudShope records all calls so that you can use them for future training and monitoring purposes.

Import contacts- With CloudShope, you can easily import contacts by uploading a CSV file. You can add fields such as name, company, phone, and email.

Report & analytics- Analyze daily call reports to make better decisions and monitor results. Many of these reports are real-time and informative.

Benefits of Bulk Voice Broadcasting Services

Bulk Voice Broadcasting Services


  • No setup costs- You can start using the voice message service in a few minutes. No setup, no fees, no licenses required.

  • Pay Only for Answered Calls- Pay only for the calls your followers receive and stay within your budget, thereby reducing the cost of your campaign.

  • Unlimited channels- Use the same number to make multiple calls in parallel. Whether you answer the call or not, all calls will appear on the dashboard.

  • Better response- Bulk voice calling campaigns tend to improve ROI due to the high level of individual and engagement.

  • Real-time call analysis- Get detailed real-time analysis of all calls and monitor the status of running campaigns in a comprehensive dashboard.

  • Voice call rate- Use 15 to 60 seconds flexible pulse tablet to pay for your clothes, choose clothes that suit your party budget.

  • Zero Infra Required- There are no infrastructure, configuration or maintenance costs. We implement and manage everything ourselves.

  • Improved productivity- Audio broadcasts help you reach a large audience easily with just a few clicks.

  • Better customer experience- Use personalization to take the customer experience to a new level. Record every incoming call.


Why Choose CloudShope Technologies for bulk voice broadcasting service?

  • Bulk Upload

  • Automated retry options

  • Capability to bulk voice broadcasting services and IVR both

  • Call scheduling your voice campaigns

  • Unlimited channels – No Cap

  • DTMF – Press 1 Options

  • Best-in-class Pricing

  • 99.99% Uptime Guaranteed

  • End-to-End Customer Service

  • 24×7 Customer Support

  • Powerful Custom API

  • Ease Of Use

  • Superior voice quality

  • Unlimited Scalability

  • Web Based voice Platform – No download required

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