New to Business – Let’s get a brief to the basis

 New to Business –  Let’s get a brief to the basis

New to Business -  Let’s get a brief to the basis
New to Business – Let’s get a brief to the basis
While starting a new business we all need tools to promote our business and increase its working area. We need the tools to be simple and easy to use. As the business grows we need to work on the loyalty of customers and thus provide them with easier access to all the services.
  • Create a brand – In order to set your foot forward in the market, one needs to first make a strong entry with the brand. The various services that might help build up a strong brand are Bulk SMS and Bulk voice call services. The branding needs to be spread all over the country/region. The tools used to do so should be simple and not annoying like the popup ads. Popup ads don’t help promote a brand instead it irritates the customer during their initial work. But with Bulk SMS and Bulk voice calls one can easily accept or decline as per their working hours and you can also reschedule these campaigns for later use. (Suggested services: Bulk SMS,  Bulk voice calls)

New to Business -  Let’s get a brief to the basis
New to Business – Let’s get a brief to the basis
  • Spread the word  – It is essential to spread the word regarding ones brand and this should be done in such a way that the first glance that your customers have should have something for them to invest in like – festival offers, loyalty vouchers, trial kits, referral vouchers, etc. – these indicate the customers that they have a place to not only invest but they are able to gain something more from it. (Suggested services: Bulk SMS, IVR)

  • Create loyal customers – Loyal customers can be created if the access given to them is easy and works with a great flow. The loyal customers should be rewarded from time to time to make them feel special and connected to the brand (Ex: Whatsapp alerts, Bulk SMS, Missed Call Services, IVR)

  • Reference – Allow your customers a way to gain points with their referrals. The customers tend to bend towards the referrals where they find themselves profiting from it.(Suggested tools: Bulk SMS, IVR)

  • Handle Agents – With the increase, if you tend to set manpower for queries and issues then you need to handle them with an easy database and monitoring tools that don’t take much of your time. (Suggested tools: Autodialer)

  • Wow !! you are almost becoming a pro now With all these steps followed you may reach out to other services that might help you to gain more customers with less manpower and work hassle. (Suggested services: IVR, Autodialer, Call Conferencing, Long code, Shortcode)

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