Start Your New Business with CloudShope Services

CloudShope are the only Cloud Telephony company in India that offers unlimited channels with introductory offers. 

CloudShope Provides Services which help to you grow up your business. Our Services are:- 

1. Bulk Voice Call :-  Voice Calls have very important role in all areas including business, education, medication, ecommerce, politics, etc.
2. Interactive Virtual Receptionist :- An IVR system or application provides pre-recorded voice responses for appropriate situations to access relevant data.
3. Missed Call Service :- Missed Call service is a completely automated web based application enables you to get the real time notification of all calls on your dedicated Mobile/Land Phone/Toll free Number.
4. Bulk SMS :- Bulk SMS services are best way to help you communicate, interact and transact with your target audience. Fully web based platform avoids the need of installation & download. 
5. Auto Dialer :- This automatically dials telephone numbers. Once the call has been answered, the auto dialer either plays a recorded message or connects the call to live person.
6. Toll Free Number Service Provider :- Callers can reach your business by calling a special toll number from anywhere in the country without having to pay for the call. Therefore, We provide Toll-Free Services that allow Enterprises to communicate with their Extended Enterprises. such as customers, business partners, and workers, quickly and easily. Our Intelligent Network offers comprehensive call routing options.  This call routing options allow you to route calls according to your business procedures and policies.
7. Whatsapp Chatbot  Service Provider :- The Whatsapp Chatbot service is simple and easy to deploy giving you the ability to share voice, Images & Videos on a single network with Small Business PBX. It is highly cost effective and beneficial for businesses as it cuts down traveling costs, and in-person meetings and associations. These Whatsapp Service can be made 24 X 7, anytime, anywhere increasing business productivity by reducing constraints on employers, employees and potential customers.
And Many More Services ….
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