Which service is better? – Bulk voice calls OR Bulk SMS


Which service is better? –  Bulk voice calls OR Bulk SMS

Many of the services are being used widely for marketing purposes but the most popular seem to be the: Bulk SMS and Bulk Voice calls. They are favored by many companies and industries in fields of work like: restaurants, travel agencies, real estate businesses, etc.

But if we start to compare the two services there are few factors that can be used as a comparison factor.

  • Reception of Bulk messages – In case of bulk SMS the factor that even with the absence of signal or if the phone is switched off yet the messages will arrive at the devices once they get back the signal or are switched back on – within the time period of 48 hours of sending SMS. But in the case of bulk voice calls the case is not the same thus, the message might be not delivered to the client through bulk calls at that time.

  • Cost  – Bulk SMSs tend to be cheaper in comparison to Bulk voice calls. Thus this factor makes it the better choice for small businesses that work over a limited budget system. These businesses might be related to retail outlets, restaurants, etc. Bulk voice calls tend to be a better choice for large-sized businesses like banks, estate, etc.

  • Reach by forwarding – SMS has a feature of forwarding which makes it easier for the business to increase its reach over the mass. But the phone calls don’t have the feature to forward the calls. Bulk voice calls tend to work on one-on-one concepts and bulk SMS tends to increase the horizon of reach to the customers.

  • Time efficiency – Bulk SMS is time-efficient as it takes only seconds to send messages whereas in the case of calls the customer has to give his/her full time to listen to the complete message and that too at that instant only.

  • Language Barrier – This is the factor where Bulk voice calls are dominant as they can be customized as per the customer’s need but Bulk SMS are sent in a particular language and can’t be changed unlike the bulk voice calls where it asks your preferred language.

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