How Bulk SMS is helpful for Travel Agency ?

SMS marketing facilitates travel companies to send brochures to their customers on their mobile. These brochures are sent in the form of link. Bulk SMS services help in building a strong customer relationship. 

Use of Bulk SMS Services in Travel Agency 

There are many set advantages of having Bulk SMS services in the hospitality industry and one of them is that you are able to send certain remainders the customers. Important remainders such as the confirmation of the booking, arrival location and times, booking details and other information can be sent using text messages which is very convenient option. 

Importance of Bulk SMS in Tour and Travel Industry- 
✅ Confirmation of Booking 
After making a new booking it is essential to send a confirmation to the clients. Travel agents send SMS for confirmation of booking through bulk SMS service to their clients. Clients after receiving a confirmation text from Travel Company clients feel satisfied which is important for a long-time relationship.

% Discounts and offers 
With the help of Bulk SMS service travel agents just send a text to their clients about the discounts and offers related to their tour package 

⏰ Alerts/Notification 
Through Bulk SMS travel agents inform their customers about the delay of flights, buses, trains last minute changes and any other information. It is the easiest and fastest way of sending alerts/notification to clients.

💬 Send a safe journey SMS 
A simple message of wishing your customers a safe and happy journey can work wonders, It is the best way to get connected with clients and establish a strong bond with them.

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