Missed Call Service & User Verification process (“Super Quick & Extremely simple service”)

Missed Call Service & User Verification process

(“Super Quick & Extremely simple service)

Nowadays identity theft has become a huge problem in 

society. This problem is faced by not only branded 

companies but also by the new startups/local agencies. 

Government has too turned up for many steps in order to 

validate a person’s identity. 

Now as from earlier days we remember the large data 

storage systems that used to cause a lot of issues in 

rechecking. A person had to go to 5 different counters in 

order to verify that he is exactly the same person as he 

has been telling. But in today’s world with everything 

getting linked to Aadhar cards and the Aadhar cards 

which are further linked to the mobile phones have 

created an extremely quick and easy way for verification. 

As once your Aadhar is linked to your phone, many of 

the verifications can done by a simple missed call 


So, now with this linking and missed call service the work 

is not only easy for the data storage departments but 

also for the customers. Wherever you are:

  • Buying Sim

  • Applying for Visa

  • Applying for passport

  • Getting in touch with new agencies for work

and  many more such areas do include a step of verification through the missed call service process.

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