Bulk SMS and Travel Agencies (How does it “work”?)

                   Bulk SMS and Travel Agencies

(How does it “work”?) 

Travel agencies nowadays are trending with their economic categorization of travel and exploring expenses. Using the travel agencies not only helps the people with budget issues but also the ones with the planning shortage. The people who are able to experience travel at a luxury budget would also like to make the most out of their spent money.

But what is the service best for a travel agency ?

It’s the Bulk SMS !!!

Bulk SMS has been trending on the travel agency’s telephony service list 

(Missed Call is also a one of the most trending service used in travel agencies – Check out our blog on “Missed Call services & Travel Agencies : How it works?”)

Bulk SMS has taken up the chart due to it’s:

  • User friendly Nature 

  • Optimized procedures for both the travel agency and it’s clients

  • Easier feedback = loyal customers

  • Quicker booking/cancellation = Growth in customers

  • Appealing advertisements in short messages with direct links to the main site thus making the exploration of site easier = More site traffic (i.e. more audience)

  • Instant alerts to offers/vouchers

  • Quick Reminder to upcoming booked vacation

  • Easier Rescheduling

These points are the ones that make it convenient for the customers to reach out to the travel agency thus giving them a growth in business. 

It also helps out travel agencies with:

  • Friendly setup panel

  • Quick setting options

  • Just a click to schedule campaigns

  • Various options to choose from (ex: Link, form, Redirect URL, feedback contact details)

  • Choice between Promotional and Transactional Bulk SMSs

  • Easy Scheduling (i.e. Better pre-planning for a Bulk SMS campaign)

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