Bulk SMS and New business (How does it work?)


                     Bulk SMS and New business

(How does it work?) 

Railways have been the most important part of transportation for millions of people in India. Railways is referred to as the most commonly used mode of transportation due to the low cost (budget friendly) mode of transportation that our country offers.

Bulk SMS marketing has been referred to as the process of sending out a large number of the short text messages – which are sent at once to a large mass of people. The difference between normal SMS and bulk SMS are that :

  • They are sent through the internet

  • By making use of certain desktop software through reliable and secure SMS gateways.

It brings out a way of two-way communication that has been enabled over the internet (computers). Since India has been one of the fastest growing Mobile phone’s market – thus promoting one’s business by Bulk SMS Marketing is the best option. The benefits of Bulk SMS allows one to:

  • Make new customers

  • Keep a good relationship with the present customers.

Bulk SMS marketing has been mostly categorized into two kinds:

  1. Promotional SMS

The basic contents and objectives of Promotional Bulk SMS marketing are as follows:

  • Promotion of a product/service

  • Sales/Marketing messages to:

  • Existing Customers

  • General people (who might turn into a customer in future)

  1. Transactional SMS

The basic contents and objectives of Transactional Bulk SMS marketing are as follows:

  • Sharing updated information with customers(from time to time)

  • Includes messages regarding account balance from banks

  • Regarding the balance left after a certain transaction.

From the detailing of the two types one can easily decide which one is best for one’s business. Promotion can be done by Bulk SMS marketing in the following ways:

  • Vouchers and Coupons

Vouchers and coupons regarding latest offers not only brings interest in existing customers but also brings out new customers. They even tend to increase the loyalty of existing customers.


  • Personal Data/Information

Personal data helps in creating a good relationship with customers like:

  • Wishing one on their birthday (or any other occasion like anniversary)

  • Birthday month offers

            These kinds of small acts make the loyalty of customers stronger.

  • Personalization of Messages

Everyone likes personal notes – just the addition of “Hey Mr.X, …….” brings a special kind of connection with customers thus increasing the promotion of your business.

  • Short text

Cut down on the unnecessary exaduration over the texts and stick to the offer straight – some customers love that too.

  • Reminders

Reminders help in promotion during:

  • New offer 

  • New product/service launch

  • Sales slot reminders, etc.

  • Link of official sites

Increase traffic to your site by adding on site links to your Bulk SMS. There is no better way to add on a link to the main site with an offer message.

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