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What is a Sequential Dialer?

A sequential dialer is a type of dialer which dials the number sequentially. When it comes to the sales prospective sequential dialer services is best because it dials all positive lead without missing any number one after the other. Auto dialer is making every repetitive process outmoded, even sales also. The way businesses operate in reality has changed over the years. To keep up with the changing times, the sales teams need to be opting with the best sales automation solutions which can boost their performance and provide best result. When it comes to sales, auto dialer software system is much required, now days service providers are providing multiple types of dialers but the choice is usually between sequential dialer services vs. Predictive Dialer services to fill the gap created by repetitive and time consuming work involved in the sales process.

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By making a choice between a predictive dialer and sequential dialer services, sales representative can effectively invest their more time in closing deals. In this blog will explain in detail and helps how to make the right choice and clear all your doubts on the sequential dialer services. Now a day’s auto dialer software system required for all whether who have small business or who has huge team but the thing is how people get to know for best Sequential Dialer Service Provider Company those who can provide best solution for your business requirement.

In sequential Dialer services, the software starts dialing numbers in a sequence, one after other, after uploading the list of numbers and starting a campaign. Without missing any contact or dialing the wrong number, the call is get connected to the right person.

The sales representative also gets the CRM pop up on the screen as soon as any call get connect with customer, so agents can see the details of the client and accordingly they can greet and start their pitch. Cloudshope Technologies is the only service provider in market who is providing sequential dialer services with inbuilt CRM. Sequential Dialer is suitable for those who are running a small sales team or new business start ups or remote agents, as in sequential dialer there is a single line, and it dials one number at a time. The agent cannot miss even a single call or lead. Sequential Dialer can make around 75-85 calls per hour.

Cloudshope Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is the best Sequential Dialer Service Provider Company which ensures that there should be enough of time for the sales executive to quickly review the details before connecting the next call or to bind up his previous call. While scheduling the campaign admin can give maximum time limit to their agents so they can bind up their calls easily in given time period, which is called wrap up time.


Features of Sequential Dialer

Cloudshope Technologies Pvt. Ltd very useful features along with the sequential dialer services for those people don’t need to pay extra for the same. Features are mentioned below.

  1. Inbuilt CRM
  2. Live Dashboard
  3. Auto Dialing and manual dialing
  4. Follow Up
  5. Detail Report
  6. Whatsapp Feature
  7. Analytics
  8. Admin Panel and Agent Panel
  9. Distribution Policies
  10. Agent Tracker

Cloudshope Technologies is the Sequential Dialer Service Provider Company which provide auto dialer solution where admin can create multiple roles for their agents and give the permission to them for required features only. We are providing dialer solution in Network mode as well as for sip line mode which user can use any time as per their requirement.



There are many Sequential Dialer Service Provider Company when it comes to choose best call centre solution for our businesses. A lot of companies providing variety of features but no one offer full services or they will ask to apay additional to buy other features. Cloudshope Technologies Pvt. Ltd in the only one service provider in market who are providing sequential dialer services with full features. Cloudshope technologies also provide 5 days of free trial to their clients so they can test our solution before purchasing the solution from us. Cloudshope technologies provide the complete and custom solution to their clients. To find the best Auto dialer solution for your business can be quite challenging. Before thinking more about it kindly contact Cloudshope Technologies to visit and ask for free trial.


There are some features which make us unique-

  1. Detailed report with recording
  2. Role Management
  3. Agent Tracker
  4. Call Barging / Call whispering and live call disconnect
  5. Break Management System
  6. scheduling option
  7. CRM integration
  8. Reliable and secure

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