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Our Refund Policy

Refund/Credit Requests: In case we fail to keep your services working then you can apply for a Service Credit. For this, the customer must submit a ticket to within 30 days. The ticket must include "SLA Claim" as the subject of the ticket; the dates and times of the Unavailable Time for which you are requesting credit; and any applicable information that ensures and lists the claimed failure.

Service Credits shall be your sole and exclusive remedy for any unavailability or non-performance of the CloudShope Services or other failure by us to provide the CloudShope Services. If there is an issue at the telephony operator or internet provider and if it results in a hamper or shutdown in running services then CloudShope will not be liable for the business loss associated.

Suspension/Termination: We are liable to suspend and terminate any account for any complaint and violation of terms and policies. The account which is suspended and terminated due to violation of terms and policies will not be considered under refund policies. If we terminate and suspend the account due to other reasons then we will refund the amount for the remaining tenure excluding service tax (As per Refund Policies).

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