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What is Inbound IVR

Inbound Interactive Voice Response Solutions IVR stands for Interactive Voice Response. In IVR calls are placed by a caller into a phone system. For IVR 10 digit default number, toll free number or marketed number can be used. although they could also be regular local calls or long distance calls. In IVR people can set their welcome message on behalf of their company and then calls will be routed to dedicated agents. In the IVR system to take any call or transfer the call to a dedicated department there is no man power required.

Customers get a better experience, it helps the customers to get answers to their questions quickly.Inbound Interactive Voice Response Solutions can accept voice input also which is called voicemail.

Cloudshope Technologies pvt. Ltd. provides Inbound IVR or Inbound Interactive Voice Response Solutions ncluding both call answering from mobile phone as well as from system also. Cloudshope also provides outbound calling systems and services with multiple features and detailed report tracking systems

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What is interactive voice response?

IVR, is an automated telephony system that includes greetings or text to speech technology, Inbound IVR or Inbound Interactive Voice Response Solutions allowing them to give and take information without any assistant. If the IVR system cannot provide the information to the caller which he/she is looking for, due to this the programmed menu options of IVR system can provide assistance in call routing, to the required representative for help. By using network and sipline mode cloudshope makes work easier for call centre industries. Inbound IVR or Inbound Interactive Voice Response Solutions can improve call flow which improve efficiency of agents and reduce wait times.

Cloudshope technologies provides IVR system with multi level IVR. multi language support system also we have. With The help of IVR below mentioned things are possible-

- efficiency of agents can be managed

- Automated location tracking for order status

- IVR help to make better customer experience

- With the help of IVR Cash on delivery verification / OTP verification

- IVR System will available 24*7

- IVR is useful for personalisation

Inbound Interactive Voice Response Solutionsimprove the customer experience for the information that they need without the assistance of customer service support. It also reduces the call wait time for users. The IVR systems can be customised for every customer, making them feel more relevant. The welcome message can be changed person to person or organisation to organisation before connecting the calls to any live agent.

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Why Inbound IVR or Inbound Interactive Voice Response Solutions is important for you ?:

- Smart call routing

- Internal call transfer with ease

- IVR provides sound professionality

- Detailed report, analytics with call recording

- 24*7 service support

- Easy to integrate

- cost effective

Cloudshope technologies provide multiple features with IVR which makes your work more easier.

Benefits of interactive voice response

Inbound Interactive Voice Response Solutions offers more advantages to businesses and automation. Some key benefits include:

1. Efficient call routing or internal call transfer: After getting proper information from a given caller, our IVR solutions automatically route the calls to the dedicated available agent, to reduce wait times and pending interaction between caller and agent.

2. Lower operational costs: IVR systems are very cost effective and also manpower will not be required to receive every call which comes to the company for any type of query. IVR system is quick and interactive which makes customer experience better.

3. Increased security: OUR IVR systems adding an extra layer of security with callers data. This can be helpful for highly sensitive personal information, like social security and phone numbers to make it confidential, this point is helpful for those who are taking orders with the help of IVR and bank sectores.


At the end will summarise all the points to make things easier. IVR is not just a system, it is advanced software which makes your work easier. Small businesses and large companies both can use this IVR system for their industries. Cloudshope gives admin and agent portals with IVR system with complete tracking system. Integration with any software and CRM is possible. We are providing blacklist, in call transfer, call barging, call conferencing and call whispering options for admin so they can enter on a live call to listen to the conversation between agents and caller at the same time.

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