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What is DIALER?

An auto dialer is a software system which dials the number automatically to connect a call with concern person. An auto dialer is the important technology which has the ability to work live human pick-ups from answering machines. Since there is no any indication signal when a call is answered by an answering machine it is working exact like same as human is doing a call, auto dialer systems analyze incoming audio for a prediction. There are four types of Dialers available which people are selecting one of them as per their business requirement.

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Types of DIALER

We have 4 types of Dialer as We are the Best auto dialer software for Businesses in India

  1. Manual Dialer
  2. Preview or Progressive Dialer
  3. Sequential Dialer
  4. Predictive dialer

From above mentioned types of auto dialers Best Predictive dialer software is. Let’s brief more about Cloud Predictive dialer Software and its benefits for organizations. Cloudshope Technologies Pvt Ltd. is a cloud telephony service provider which providing all types of dialer for businesses.


Best Predictive Dialer software is an auto dialer which is suitable for businesses that reduce idle times to dial the number manually to connect with a person; predictive dialer provides high call volumes. The predictive dialer’s algorithm uses predictive analysis to enhance agent productivity by reducing the idle time between abandon calls. Cloud Predictive dialer Software automatically detects busy signals, answered calls, and unanswered calls. It forwards the calls to the available agents once the call is answered from the customer end. Predictive dialer software allows you to assign calls to different agents by using the call policies, depending on certain conditions. Businesses in Real Estate, Insurance industry, Educations, Financial Service Providers, Political purpose, accounts, Weather Forecasting, E-commerce and many other industries which are using an auto dialer system to dial large number of database in simple way. Best predictive dialer software dials multiple numbers at a same time by discarding all busy signal, off numbers, other tones and only passing "Hellos" lead to the dedicated agent.


  1. Whenever a sales agent picks up the call, they have to spend lots of time to listening busy tones, answering machines, or disconnected calls. Best Predictive dialer software automatically discards calls with these time-wasting signals. In addition to increase agents call time and their productivity; this also helps reduce idle time.

  2. Predictive dialers is a software tools that automatically dial phone numbers from a uploaded list and connect people to either connect with dedicated agent or it can play pre recorded message.

  3. Best Predictive dialer software are designed to save time and money as well, to make agents more efficient and contact call centers more profitable over time.

One of the biggest and useful selling points of predictive auto dialer software is its efficiency. Best predictive dialer software enables you to connect to more lead more quickly. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about wasting time to dialing the wrong numbers and to waste time on busy signals. Because a Cloud predictive dialer software system can dial multiple numbers correctly at a same time, there’s a much higher chance of connecting with more good lead. A predictive auto dialer is a best solution for call center industries who wants to improve their sales and agent’s efficiency and contact rates or manage their leads more effectively.


Cloudshope Technology Pvt Ltd is Best Predictive dialer software cloud based call centre service provider which gives you options of 4 types of dialer to select and meet with their good leads. An Auto dialer software system is very beneficial for call centers which focused on getting quality leads rather than a high quantity of calls. An auto dialer every time if someone picks up the call, that person will automatically be connected with a live agent. Dialer system increases more chances of conversion, as a live agent is always available to answer the call and have in-depth discussion about the product or service which they have. To learn more about auto dialer solution get a free demo from Cloudshope Technology for 4 days.

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