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What are Auto Dialers?

An auto dialer, also known as an automatic dialer, is a software or hardware system that dials phone numbers automatically and connects the calls to agents.

Auto dialers can be integrated with customer relationship management (CRM) software to provide agents with detailed customer information before the call, improving their ability to personalize interactions and provide better customer service.

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An auto dialer is a software tool that dials phone numbers automatically and connects calls to agents or pre-recorded messages. Here are some of the benefits of using an auto dialer and Best auto dialer software for businesses in India, that Cloudshope provides-

1.Increased Efficiency: Best auto dialer software for Businesses in India which saves time and increases productivity by automating the process of dialing phone numbers.

2.Cost Savings: Auto dialers can reduce agents' costs by automating the process of dialing phone numbers, which means fewer agents are required to make the same number of calls.

3.Increased Sales: By enabling agents to make more calls in less time, auto dialers can increase the number of leads generated and the number of sales made.

4.Better Call Management: Auto dialers can help agents manage their calls more efficiently by automatically routing calls to the next available agent and providing detailed call reports.

5.Improved Customer Service: Auto dialers can help agents provide better customer service by providing them with detailed customer information before the call, enabling them to personalize their interactions with customers.

We have 4 types of Dialer

We have 3 Types of Dialer Services as we are the Best auto dialer software for Businesses in India

1. Preview dialer

A preview dialer is a type of dialing system used in call centers or sales organizations to automate the process of making outbound calls to customers or prospects. Unlike a predictive dialer that dials multiple numbers simultaneously and connects only answered calls to available agents.Here's how a preview dialer typically works:

1.Customer Information: The system provides agents with relevant customer information, such as name, contact details, and any previous interactions or notes.

2.Preview Time: The agent has a dedicated preview time to review the customer's information and prepare for the call. This time allows the agent to familiarize themselves with the customer's background and tailor their approach accordingly

3.Initiating the Call: Once the preview time is over, the agent manually initiates the call using the dialer system. The system automatically dials the customer's number and connects the call to the agent.

2. Sequential Dialer

A sequential dialer, also known as a power dialer or progressive dialer, is a type of dialing system used in call centers or sales organizations to automate the process of making outbound calls. It dials a predetermined sequence of phone numbers one at a time and connects the calls to available agents. Cloudshope provides this solution, hence it is a Best auto dialer software for businesses in India.Here's how a sequential dialer typically works:

1.Call List: The sequential dialer is provided with a list of phone numbers to dial. These phone numbers can be obtained from a contact list, CRM system, or imported from external sources.

2.Dialing Sequence: The dialer follows a predetermined sequence to dial the phone numbers one by one. It starts with the first number on the list and progresses to the next number after each call, regardless of the call outcome.

3.Wrap-Up Time: After completing the call, the agent typically has a wrap-up time to update customer records, make notes about the conversation, or perform any necessary follow-up tasks

4.Reporting: Sequential dialers often provide real-time and historical data on call metrics, such as call volume, answer rates, agent performance, and campaign success. This data helps managers monitor performance, optimize campaigns, and make informed decisions.

3. Predictive Dialer

when predictive dialer making large volumes of outbound calls. It uses predictive models to dial multiple numbers simultaneously and connect only answered calls to available agents, minimizing idle time and increasing the number of live conversations agents can have. Hence, Cloudshope has Best auto dialer software for Businesses in India.Here's how a predictive dialer typically works:

1.Call List and Parameters: The system is provided with a list of phone numbers to dial, along with parameters such as desired call volume, target answer rate, and agent availability.

2.Speed Control & Automated Dialing: The predictive dialer automatically dials multiple phone numbers simultaneously, usually using multiple lines or channels. It accounts for variables like average call duration and anticipated call outcomes, aiming to connect agents with live calls as soon as they become available. You can decide how many call per agent needs to be initiated as per your data quality.

3.Call Filtering: The dialer filters out unanswered calls, busy signals, disconnected numbers, voicemails, and other non-responsive calls. It transfers only the answered calls to available agents.

4.Agent Call Handling: When an agent becomes available, the predictive dialer connects them to an answered call. The agent then engages with the customer or prospect based on the purpose of the call, such as sales, customer service, or surveys.

4. Manual Dialer

Manual dialer option allows you to dial any contact manually either from desktop or from Mobile phone, All the calls done manually are also recorded and live call tracking for the same is also available .


Call Recording: Auto dialers often include call recording functionality. This allows calls to be recorded for quality assurance, compliance, training purposes, or resolving disputes. Recorded calls can be stored and accessed for later review.

1.CRM Integration: Integration with customer relationship management (CRM) systems is a common feature of auto dialers. It enables agents to access customer information, call history, and notes directly from the dialer interface, providing a comprehensive view of the customer's interaction history.

2.Call Analytics and Reporting: Auto dialers often generate real-time and historical reports on call metrics and analytics.

3.Call Disposition and Follow-Up Tasks: Auto dialers allow agents to classify call outcomes or dispositions, such as "sale made," "call back required," or "no answer." They can also assign follow-up tasks or schedule call backs for leads or customers based on call outcomes.

The specific features may vary depending on the dialer software and provider, as different systems offer different functionalities to meet the unique requirements of organizations, but Cloushope has Best auto dialer software for businesses in India.

USP’s Of Our Dialer

This is a Differentiation of Dialers that is provided by Cloudshope Technologies, the Best auto dialer software for Businesses in India.

  1. Multiple campaigns can be scheduled at the same time.
  2. Multiple CRMs can be plugged in at the same time.
  3. Full Detailed Report in the panel.
  4. Calling from a Fresh dedicated number.
  5. Live tracking of the Agents.
Predictive dialing

Predictive dialing technology auto_dials the configured contact list in a way that minimizea waiting times and allows agents to handle the most calls efficiently.

Multiple calls might be placed at the same time by the system,to ensure the agent is not kept idle or waiting for too long.

Agents can only go through the contact list in the order that the system assigns it. Specific calls cannot be skipped

Preview dialing

Preview dialing is also an auto-dialing technology.It allows agents to see which customer they will be talking to next,so they have more context and can provide better,more relevant services

Even though the process is partially automated, the next call can only be intiated if the agent chooses to Only one call is placed at a time.

The key feature of preview dialing is for agents to be able to skip calls and callers as they wish - giving them full freedom over who they speak to.

Progressive dialing

Progressive dialing simply keeps the call queue moving by automating the dialing process. This reduces the time and effort spent on manual dialing.

Only one call can be placed at a time, and the current call must have endedbefore the next one is placed.

Callers cannot be skipped in progressive dialing,and the agent has to go through the list in the same order, one call at a time.

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