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Multi level Hierarchical Disposition

CRM stands for customer relationship management software which all industries use to manage their inbound and outbound leads in a single place. Managers Can assign some disposition options of any particular column by using one column agents can mark disposition of each and every lead. Cloudshope Technologies provides Outbound Dialer with Multiple Dialling Modes for all industries. There are three levels of the customer success story hierarchy: Customer satisfaction, loyalty, and advocacy. In-call disposition fields can be customised as per your requirement. In one column Cloudshope technology provides sub disposition options also as per management strength. A customer will not renew the services unless he is first satisfied with previous service and support.The process of creating hierarchy is called Multilevel Hierarchical Disposition.
Call disposition is defined as the tag or label which is associated with the outcome of every call. Different prospects respond differently to a sales call by a representative. Some request for a live demo or free trial; some stay indecisive, whereas others will not-interested. The call dispositions are valuable for every data that needs to be recorded of every single call made by a sales executive whether the sale has happened or not. That is the reason why Cloudshope provides Outbound Dialer with Multiple Dialling Modes.


Outbound Dialer with Multiple Dialling Modes

Call disposition or feedback after initiating a call will educate your sales team about the status of every phone call which was made by them for the purpose of making sales or support. This data will help the sales team to understand everything going right and wrong with their approach. With the help of Outbound Dialer with Multiple Dialling Modes Agents can see their disposition even after a year it will be stored for lifetime and no one can remove data of any call. If your sales team experiences that they are getting less time to fill Multilevel Hierarchical Disposition of particular result time and over, then admin can have enough time which is called wrap up time, which will be used in case of auto dalling. Where between two calls admin can give some time duration to their agents so that they can bind up their previous call before connecting with the next person. Call dispositions will show Outbound Dialer with Multiple Dialling Modes following kinds of data.

. Wrong leads or no response.
. Wrong leads or no response.
. Calls which was ended with positive feedback.
. Number of new opportunities which was created while having conversation.
. Service rating.
. Reminder call.
. Followup for payment.


With the help of Multilevel Hierarchical Disposition agents have to keep updating the call details continuously. The task can be repetitive and consumes more than required time. Agents should smartly tag the call with appropriate Multilevel Hierarchical Disposition call and prompt follow-up process. Due to call disposition, your sales team will be more resourceful. This saves valuable time for the tele calling team, improves their calling method, and removes the burden from agents of their work.

and removes the burden from agents of their work. Information is the building block of every business. If data saved by agents or tele marketing teams gets hampered or deleted, it can create a very poor effect of problems. Preferably, when the entire operation gets automated then there is no room for silly error. With the help of Multilevel Hierarchical Disposition information is now logically generated and is more standardised. Your agents and managers can blindly trust this data without needing to cross-check everything before making calls which is a time taking process.

Multilevel Hierarchical Disposition enables agents to mark tags on failed calls as disconnected, invalid number, busy, not reachable signal, do not contact, incorrect number, etc. Such numbers can be easily identified by the disposition type filled by agents after completing every call. In Auto dialer systems, cloudshope technologies provides Blacklist option so if any customer will say not to call me again so agents can use the same option for DNC complaint.



Overall Multilevel Hierarchical Disposition is an important feature which plays a vital role in the call centre systems. Not only does it spare your agents time from note-taking calls, but it also analyses every call and total login duration and call duration separately. Cloudshope technologies provides an auto dialer with the help of this input to showcase patterns or mistakes. Multilevel Call disposition is a very unique and useful additional feature for all industry types in a sales plan and will ensure sufficient progress in your sales team and make your agents performance productive. Cloudshope technologies pvt. Ltd. provides call dispositions in multiple innovative ways. After every inbound and outbound calls agents can save their lead by filling the disposition of every call. An admin can filter the report while applying to any particular column.

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