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Fixed and Pool Distribution policy.

In the context of Optimize Outbound Calls with Predictive Dialer Software, the terms "fixed policy" and "pool policy" refer to different strategies for allocating outbound calls to agents. Let's explore each of these policies:

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What is Fixed and Pool Distribution policy.

1. Fixed Policy:

A fixed policy in dialer, also known as a fixed assignment or dedicated agent policy, involves assigning specific agents to handle particular outbound calls. In this approach, each agent is assigned a fixed set of phone numbers or leads to dial. The assigned leads remain consistent for a certain period or until the agent has completed their assigned calls. This fixed and pool policies Optimize Outbound Calls with Predictive Dialer Software. The fixed policy in dialer is useful in situations where there is a need for specialised knowledge or skills to handle specific calls. For example, if a particular campaign requires agents with expertise in a specific product or service, the fixed policy allows for dedicated agents to handle those calls, ensuring they have the necessary knowledge and experience.

2. Pool Policy:

A pool policy in Dialer, also known as a shared assignment or random assignment policy, involves distributing outbound calls across a pool of available agents. In this approach, the dialer system randomly selects an available agent from the pool for each outbound call. The assignment is typically based on factors such as agent availability, skill level, or priority settings. The pool policy is an Interaction Dialer Manager which is commonly used in scenarios where there is no specific requirement for a particular agent to handle a specific call. It provides flexibility and helps distribute the workload evenly among agents. It is particularly useful when agents possess similar skills and knowledge, allowing for a more balanced distribution of calls and potentially reducing agent idle time. It's important to note that the choice between fixed and pool Distribution policy depends on the specific requirements of the call centre or organisation. Factors such as campaign type, agent specialisation, workload distribution, and call priority influence the selection of the most appropriate policy for effective and efficient call handling.

Advantages of Pool and Fixed Policy

Both fixed and pool Distribution policy offer advantages depending on the specific needs and objectives of a business. Here are the advantages of each policy:

1.Advantages of Fixed Policy in Dialers:

a. Specialization: Fixed policy allows Optimize Outbound Calls with Predictive Dialer Software for businesses to assign dedicated agents to specific types of calls or campaigns. This specialisation enables agents to develop expertise in handling specific products, services, or customer segments. It can result in improved customer satisfaction and higher conversion rates due to the agents' in-depth knowledge and familiarity with the assigned leads.

b. Consistency:. With fixed assignments, agents work on the same set of leads over a period. This consistency allows them to build rapport with customers, understand their needs better, and provide personalised service. It can lead to stronger customer relationships, Optimize Outbound Calls with Predictive Dialer Software and increased customer loyalty.

c. Quality Control: Fixed policy provides better control over call quality. Since agents are assigned to specific leads, it becomes easier for supervisors or managers to monitor and evaluate their performance. Feedback and coaching can be more targeted, leading to continuous improvement and higher call quality standards. Pool policy and fixed policy is used to Optimize Outbound Calls with Predictive Dialer Software.

2.Advantages of Pool Policy in Dialers:

a. Workload Distribution: Pool policy ensures that the outbound call workload is distributed evenly among available agents. It helps to Optimize Outbound Calls with Predictive Dialer Software and prevent agent burnout and reduces the chances of a few agents being overloaded with calls while others remain idle. The balanced distribution of calls maximises agent productivity and efficiency.

b. Flexibility: With a pool policy, any available agent can handle any outbound call. This flexibility allows businesses to handle fluctuations in call volume more effectively. During peak hours or high call traffic, the system can distribute calls to available agents without relying on fixed assignments. It ensures a faster response time and better customer service.

c.Scalability: Pool policy is used to Optimize Outbound Calls with Predictive Dialer Software and offers scalability advantages as new agents can be easily added to the pool without the need for reassignment of leads. It simplifies workforce management and allows businesses to scale their operations as needed.

d. Reducing Agent Bias: By randomising lead assignments, pool policy helps minimise agent bias or favouritism towards specific leads or customers. It ensures fair treatment and equal opportunities for all leads, contributing to a more equitable and consistent customer experience. It's important to note that the advantages of each policy may vary based on the nature of the business, campaign requirements, agent skills, and other factors. These policies are to Optimize Outbound Calls with Predictive Dialer Software. Some businesses may benefit more from fixed policy, while others may find pool policy more suitable. Ultimately, the optimal choice depends on finding the right balance between specialisation and flexibility while achieving business goals. This is How to Get Fixed and Pool Distribution policy in Dialer.

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