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What is Clear and Push data to existing campaign?

Now users can choose to edit previous scheduled campaigns, and depending on the requirement Clear and Push data to existing campaign options has been configured. The option available to edit the campaign is very useful for the users, with the help of this feature admin can do the changes in their running campaign without scheduling a new one.

If the status is currently in queue to a dedicated agent, by using the edit option in an existing campaign, the admin can’t rename a status assigned to a campaign member. Assign agents with another status and try again. Users can change Status of existing campaigns from pause and cancel options Change the current status on any scheduled Campaign which was assigned to dedicated agents, and then try to use new one.

The concept of Clear and Push data to existing campaigns from Cloudshope’s technologies outbound dialer campaigns is very simple to schedule. You create one or multiple campaigns at the same time, then you need to upload a list of contacts and map all the columns of the list to a campaign. By uploading data, users can schedule a campaign and they need to make sure that the database should be CSV format only. When the campaign is set up then agents can start calling them. Now, agents can log into that campaign with their phone and desktop device, Xlite will start calling the contacts and as soon as one of them answers it will get automatically connected with a live available agent. So let's have a look into this and how to set up lists and campaigns. Cloudshope will provide Clear Data to existing CRM campaigns and Push data to existing CRM campaigns.

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Cloudshope technologies will provide clear data to existing campaign options with the help of this admin can remove existing leads from the campaign and data can not be restored after this. clear all data from the campaign and push fresh data to the same campaign will save the storage for admin.


Formatted the file correctly and saved it as a CSV only and the first column of that CSV file should be mobile number only. Then click "Upload" and do CSV mapping with the required column type. For Clear and Push data to existing campaigns Cloudshope Technologies will provide the panel which hardly takes up to a minute if thousands of contacts need to be uploaded.


Users can schedule a campaign by selecting the required dialer from 3 types of dialer. Putting the campaign name and selection of groups in which dedicated agents are added, number of maximum retry on not answered call and the retry time after in seconds, user need to set the wrap up time for their agents so they will get enough time to wrap up previous call and after click on submit user should see a success message after a few seconds, and a confirmation message of campaign scheduling.

Great,In this way you can set up your first Outbound dialer campaign.


Clear and Push data to existing campaign Makes easy for agents as campaigns are not changed on a daily basis. Since this can be done at the end of office hours, the next day all agents will always have the new fresh data added to the same existing campaign. Due to this agents will not get to login into different different id. Also users can see detailed reports and they can export it on their system in CSV format itself. Nowadays the modern dialling process is not just about increasing the productivity of the agents and managing information of each and every lead done by agents. The aim of Clear and Push data to existing campaigns to actively support the sales team and to ease their work and enable them to achieve their target. This is the process or technology that an auto dialer does.Therefore, all the users need to do is choose the right type of auto dialer. Which type of auto dialer is the best for your industry. That selection of auto dialer often depends on the work and the business requirement of their agents and their sales team, so users need to make sure that it should be the one that will fit into your needs. Using an auto dialer for call centre solutions will make life more easier and productive for agents while increasing their number of calls and helping them to grow your business.

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