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Auto dialer software makes it more efficient to conduct outbound campaigns. Auto dialer solutions offer predictive dialing solutions, enabling call centers to effectively execute proactive customer communications. With CloudShope, you can accurately predict when agents will become available, optimally pace dialing, and filter out unproductive calls. In today’s customer lifecycle, proactive communications significantly increase agent productivity while reducing customer effort, leading to increased customer satisfaction and an improved customer experience.

Benefits of Autodialer

  • Maximum agent productivity
  • Reduced Idle Time.
  • Real-Time Monitoring and Reporting.
  • Improved Operational Efficiency.
  • Organize and Manage Client Database Efficiently
  • Run Multiple Campaigns Simultaneously
  • Make administrative tasks efficient.
  • Autodialer Features

    In the age of omnichannel customer communication, no call center can run varying outbound calling campaigns efficiently without switching from conventional outbound dialing systems to cloud-based auto dialer software.

    Preview dialers provide agents with options to place an outbound call or skip specific telephone numbers. This type of auto dialer enables agents to preview key customer information before initiating the outbound call. The on-time access to important customer data helps agents to plan the outbound calling process and personalize customer interaction.

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    Predictive dialers dial multiple telephone numbers at a time. They further use pacing algorithm to decide when an agent will be available to handle the next outbound call. The auto dialers place outbound calls before an agent wraps up the current call.

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    The agents have to put extra time and effort to dial telephone numbers manually and sequentially. They also find it difficult to differentiate between productive and unproductive numbers. The auto dialer software helps call centers to boost operational efficiency by dialing telephone numbers automatically.

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    Call Masking is an excellent way to protect your employees' and customers' privacy.The private phone number is replaced with the newly created one, so neither party will be able to find it. Call Masking feature ensures that your personal phone number stays private.No need to share your phone number with everyone you are calling to. Share it only with the callers you choose.

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    The cloud-hosted auto dialing system makes it easier for users to import telephone numbers from databases or spreadsheets by providing a contact list uploader. The users can further manage existing customers and lead efficiently using the contact list management features provided by the auto dialer software.

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    The robust auto dialers come with specialized features to simplify management of outbound calling campaigns. For instance, they help agents to make outbound calls to customers or prospects at the most appropriate time by adjusting the time zone. Some dialers further adjust time-zone for campaigns automatically according to the geographic location of contacts.

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    The agents can access the cloud-based auto dialers over the internet. The feature helps call centers to run outbound calling campaigns without investing in expensive equipment.Many call centers leverage this flexibility to work with remote or work-from-home outbound agents. The cloud-hosted auto dialing systems even allow users to transfer calls between a variety of devices – mobile phones, office phones, and softphones.

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    The cloud-based auto dialers are easier to use, customize, and extend than conventional outbound dialing systems. They allow managers to adjust the dialing rate and dialing speed according to the precise needs of individual outbound calling campaigns.

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    The Auto dialing service helps businesses to broadcast a variety of voice messages to a large number of customers and leads at a time. Both B2B and B2C businesses leverage this feature to broadcast campaign messages, deliver service notifications, deliver event notifications, and send reminders as broadcast campaign messages to the customers without deploying extra agents.

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    The cloud-hosted auto dialers allow managers or supervisors to monitor live calls or ongoing conversations. The manager can use the web-based portal provided by the auto dialing system to listen to an ongoing conversation between an agent and a customer as well as check call attempts.

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    The cloud-based auto dialer software also record every outgoing call. They record the calls in HD audio format and store the audio files in the cloud. The feature helps managers to measure agent performance and identify agent inefficiencies by reviewing recorded conversations between agents and customers. The feature helps call centers to resolve customer disputes and meet compliance requirements.

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    The cloud-hosted auto dialer software enables decision-makers to generate a variety of reports based on real-time statistical data. The managers can further use the dashboard to generate the reports without putting extra time and effort.The reports generated based on real-time call data helps managers to monitor and measure the performance of various outbound calling campaigns. The feature makes it easier for call centers to run multiple outbound campaigns simultaneously.

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    Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

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    Everyone and anyone who wants to contact people for lead generation, marketing, sales promos, events notifications, political campaigns, and more. Voicent Auto dialer users include US Congressmen, banks, fishermen, city government, UPS delivery services, mortgage brokers, insurance salesmen, large corporations, Universities, high school teachers and PTAs, churches, and more.


    This depends on how many simultaneous calls (channels) you have and how long your message is. For a typical 30-second message, on average, you would be making 1 call per minute, and 60 calls per hour on a single line/channel. The processes of making calls are similar to a human making phone calls. It first dials the number and waits for the other end to pick up the phone. If it is answered by an answering machine, the system listens for the whole message and waits for the beep. It then plays your message.


    For auto dialer, the recipient must press a key in order to connect to an agent; while for predictive dialing, the call connect is automatic for live answered call. This difference makes the usage model quite different from the two dialers.

    Predictive dialer requires agents sit in front of their computers. If a call is answered by a live human, the system will show a pop up window on an agent's computer. The agent should answer the call promptly, otherwise the recipient is likely to hangup the phone.

    Auto dialer, on the other hand, can expect the recipient wait for the phone to be connected to an agent. So the transfer does not have to be immediate and thus possible to transfer calls to a cell phone. This allows agents not to sit in front of computer in order to answer the call.


    The main difference is that auto dialer automatically dials the number, detect live answer or machine answer, plays your message automatically. An preview dialer or progress dialer automatically dials the number, that's it.


    All you need is a computer with internet connections. Most of today's desktop or laptop computer should be more than enough to handle most common usage. For call center that needs hundreds or thousands of simultaneous calls, please contact our sales for details system spec.


    Yes, we have a dedicated in-house team to look after all your technical issues. For Technical support write us at support@Cloudshope.in. We resolve every query and issue in shortest possible time. However in certain circumstances we need to depend on telecom resources provided by third party Telecom Operator to resolve any network related issue.


    Kindly mail us all your queries or suggestions at support@cloudshope.com. We will be happy to serve you better.