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What is Features of the Live Agent status Dashboard?

In a dialer which refers to a real-time monitoring and reporting interface within an outbound dialer software system which is commonly used in call centres or sales teams. This dashboard provides real-time insights into call centre operations, agent performance, and campaign metrics. However, keep in mind that specific features and terminology may vary depending on the dialer software or platform you are using.


Key Features of the Live Agent status Dashboard commonly found in a live dashboard within a dialer include:

1. Real-Time Metrics:- Displays current call center statistics and key performance indicators in real-time, such as the number of calls made, answered, abandoned, average call duration, wait times, etc.

2. Agent Performance:-Provides live data on individual agents' activities and performance, such as the number of calls made, talk time, idle time, conversion rates, and other relevant metrics.

3. Campaign Analytics:- Shows performance metrics for specific outbound campaigns, allowing supervisors to monitor the effectiveness of each campaign in real-time.

4. Call Queue Status:- Features of the Live Agent status Dashboard Provides information about the number of calls waiting in the queue and the average wait time, allowing supervisors to manage agent availability and resources effectively.

5. Live Agent Dashboard Call Monitoring:- Allows supervisors to listen in on live calls, barge in if necessary, or provide coaching to agents in real-time.

6. Historical Reports:- In addition to real-time data, the dashboard may also offer historical reports and performance trends for in-depth analysis.

In conclusion, Features of the Live Agent status Dashboard is to help call centre managers and supervisors make data-driven decisions, identify areas for improvement, and optimize agent productivity and customer interactions. .

Keep in mind that dialer software and technologies may have evolved since my last update, and new features or platforms may be available. If you're looking for a Live Agent Dashboard in a dialer system, I recommend researching the latest dialer software options and checking their features to find a solution that suits your specific needs. .

Here are key Features of the Live Agent Status Dashboard?

Following are the Benefits of Toll-Free Numbers with CRM Systems:-

Live Agent Dashboard in a dialer provides real-time information and key metrics directly to agents, enabling them to monitor their performance and make data-driven decisions during their calling activities. Here are some of the typical features found in a Live Agent Dashboard designed specifically for agents:

1. Real-Time Call Metrics: - Agents can view real-time statistics related to their ongoing calls, such as the number of calls made, answered, missed, and the current call duration.

2.Call Queue Status:- Agents can see the number of calls waiting in the queue, allowing them to manage their availability and prioritize their calls effectively with the help of Features of the Live Agent status Dashboard.

3.Agent Performance Metrics:- Provides agents with data on their performance, including talk time, average call duration, call disposition, and conversion rates.

4. Call Outcome Tracking:- Agents can track the outcome of each call, such as successful sales, appointments set, or callbacks scheduled.

5. Lead Information:- Displays relevant details about the leads or customers being called, such as their name, contact information, and any notes or previous interactions. .

6. Disposition Codes:-Agents can use predefined disposition codes to categorise the outcome of each call, making it easier for supervisors to analyse call results later.

8. Real-Time Notifications:-Provides agents with real-time alerts or notifications for important events, such as new leads becoming available or callbacks scheduled.

9. Campaign Information:-Shows which campaign the agent is currently working on, along with relevant details about the campaign objectives..

10.Pause/Resume Functionality:-Agents will get the Features of the Live Agent status Dashboard to control their availability, allowing them to take breaks or temporarily pause call activities.


Having access to a live dashboard can empower agents to improve their efficiency, stay motivated, and adapt their strategies based on real-time insights. This, in turn, can lead to increased productivity and better customer interactions in call centre or sales environments. However, the specific Features of the Live Agent status Dashboard available in a live dashboard may vary depending on the dialer software or system being used.

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