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Channel Partner Program Highlights -

We have one of the best industry Channel Partner Program, below are some highlights:

Cloudshope Services Under One Roof

IVR Virtual Number

Improve your customer’s communication experience with a professional interactive voice response (IVR) greeting by Cloudshope.

Click To Call

With Cloudshope’s, businesses can instantly integrate our API to implement a click-to-call service for their customer-facing teams.

Toll Free Number

Toll-free service allows callers to reach your Organization through a unique toll free number across the country without having to pay for the telephone call.

Missed Call Number

Missed Call service is a completely automated web based application that enables you to get the real time notifications of all calls on your dedicated Mobile/LandLine/Toll Free Number.

Web Chat Bot

Increase conversions easily and get up to 80% more engagement with an automated website bot

Whatsapp Chatbot

The WhatsApp Bot service is simple and easy to deploy giving you the ability to reply your customers automatically & instantly

AI Based IVR System

Improve your customer’s communication experience with a professional interactive voice response (IVR) greeting by Cloudshope.

Voice Calls

Automated voice calling solves telecommunication problems like bill reminders, notifications, alerts feedback & business promotions

Auto Dialer

Automatically dials telephone numbers pulled from a list and connects either to a live Agent or a Prerecorded Message

Marketing Automation

A Technology that manages marketing processes and multifunctional campaigns, across multiple channels, automatically.

Call Masking

Connect your customers to drivers, delivery personnel or vendors, without revealing their phone numbers

Call Center Solution

Power up your Inbound and Outbound customer interactions with a flexible IP-based all-in-one Call-Center Solution that helps you innovate and deliver awesome omni-channel customer experiences


Incentive of referring Channel Partners

On every referral channel partner will get commission.

*Only valid for first 50 channel partners being onboarded using this offer

50% in wallet balance & 50% in cash.

For example, if a Channel

Partner refer a channel partner with Rs. 5,00,000 plan then


Read more about these services:-

auto_dialer auto_dialer auto_dialer

Become a Channel Partner with Cloudshope

Generate more revenue by joining Cloudshope's

USP of CloudShope Channel Partner Program?

  • Options to buy qualified leads.
  • Full fledge CRM with marketing automation provided to assist in Lead Closure.
  • Account Manager to assist in Sales when any person wants to discuss his pain point with an expert.
  • A dedicated demo team will be provided to give demo to customers.
  • Same recurring commission every year.
  • POC of customizations provided on request if required for deal closure
  • Flat commissions on renewals as well as Usage

Process of Sales

Key Account Manager converts a customer

The first thing you want to do is become a customer of this amazing company to make your business better.

Step 01
Step 02
Customer Pays To Cloudshope Bank Account

The customer pays to CloudShope Bank account. Let's say for example the customer purchased toll free service whose price as per CloudShope price structure is Rs.50,000. Customer will pay Rs.50,000 + GST to CloudShope Bank account.

Activation form to Active the Service

Channel Partner will fill up service activation form to activate the service specifying the payment details and customer details.

Step 03
Step 04
Amount Debited from channel partner wallet

If the wallet amount of Channel partner is greater than the service amount (Rs.50,000) then the amount will be debited from Channel Partner wallet and added to Channel partner commission which will be transferred to channel partner bank account on the next payout cycle.

Team will verify the Payment

CloudShope team will verify the payment and approve it.

Step 05
Step 06
Services will be Activated

Payout will be on First and 3rd Saturday of every month.

CloudShope team will verify the payment and approve it. On Approval invoice will be created and send to customer and the services will be activated.

Partnership-Model Partnership-Model Partnership-Model

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