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Missed Call Service

We offer missed call service for lead management, mobile number verification, voting campaigns, customer feedback etc. Our Missed Call Service guides your callers to a small announcement that says them they can left a tiny 10 second message that will be transformed to a text message by succeeding few easy instructions and by means of their keypad to response the prompts. This service by us is used for variety of purposes such as reaching audience, mobile number verification, e-commerce mobile validation, tracking of employees, students, friends, etc. We arrange auto sms and voice calls and have powerful API, call reporting feature, call forwarding, caller ID feature, etc. We characteristically give a toll free number (usually a 10 digit mobile number) which when dialled by the user receives the ring tone for period of 2 seconds and call gets automatically dropped. In backend part, the user mobile number is registered in our server and you can sight them online promptly. The mobile number data can also be directed to your apps for additional processing through API.

Missed call service is an entirely automatic web based application that permits you to acquire the real time notices of every call on your assigned mobile, land phone or toll free number. Whether it for the service of web registration or for use of cash on delivery confirmation, our missed call service and alerts assist you in completely. You can use our missed call alert service to determine the extent of your service for the customer and use it as a feedback tool to attain the rating and advance business.

Our system at TechnoReseller also possesses the influence to begin an interactive assembly with your customer by assimilating our dissimilar API's. Our missed call service is an automatic cloud based application that allows you to attain the real time notifications of every call on your number accomplished through number verification.

We are on hand with technical support, management software and detailed advice across services. We are dedicated to bringing stellar mobile network services for missed call service to benefit your business connect. Our plans have substantial inclusions to assist you and your team remain on topmost of your communications. We can adapt an all-of-business solution with industry foremost products and intuitive services.

How our Missed Call Service works?

Our Missed Call Service operates on a missed call concept i.e. customer’s forwards a missed call on a particular number provided for a company. We have developed an in-house platform for missed call that takes information of missed call, discards the call after one ring and drives the information to platform which is cloud based missed call platform and transmit an acknowledgement sms to particular caller. Our API's are much user-friendly that you can create applications in only minutes (accurately) with the assistance of our example files on every programming language.

Our Missed Call Solution is used for:

  • Reach the audience promptly with our missed call solution
  • Gain the more business lead by missed call
  • Your customers can do a missed call to your provided number at no cost
  • Feedback arising from your customers at the opinion of sale, product-rating, chat-provision-rating through our missed call
  • Mobile-number-confirmation on web user registering, e-commerce mobile authentication, COD confirmation etc. through our missed call solution
  • Insisting for an online-voting, estimation-poll-campaign, customer-survey, coupon-distribution
  • Trail your employees, clienteles, family, students, and friends using our in-house established missed call platform.
  • One can also use our service for opt-in list building, call back request, information dragging, contest lucky draw, etc.
  • Features of Our Missed Call Solutions
  • Save business running cost
  • Limitless call reporting in diverse file formats.
  • Arrange auto sms and voice call
  • API's for receiving real time data
  • Completely customizable based on your requirements
  • Completely scalable platform
  • Completely in-house developed solution
  • Real time call forwarding by use of API’s
  • Limitless Call Reporting
  • Geo mapping accomplished on google maps
  • Operator and location based detailed reporting
  • Arrange auto SMS, voice calls, emails
  • Controlling API’s for receiving real time data
  • Real time call back feature with help of our call conferencing service
  • The service takes and registers for you every call you have missed, and then delivers you the info in form of SMS message once you arrive back into coverage, be active on your phone or have ended taking your call.
  • Also if your caller own their caller ID as blocked, they can yet leave their number. Even if the caller wants to assign another number they can accomplish this too.

  • Where to use our Missed Call Service?

    Missed Call Service is valuable for numerous sectors based on your requirements; some useful categories are mentioned below

    Mobile Number Verification :

    You can evade lengthy procedures and can even save cost on outgoing messaging for verifying mobile number since our system can thrust the real time notifications of missed call directly to your server.

    Forget/Retrieve Password :

    Simply inform your customer to do a call from their mobile number which is registered and display the password reset form as soon as you receive the call detail.

    Support/Sales :

    Substitute your out-dated toll free number using our intellectual missed call alert number and save large amount on your monthly billing cycle, systematize the support and sales scheme.

    Lead Generation:

    You need not to miss a lead. Simply contain your missed call service number in your ads and gain all potential customers for complete 24 x 7 x 365.
    You can even fix auto thank you sms, thank you voice calls. You are allowed to connect real time with to call center by our service of voice calling.

    Opt In Subscriptions :

    Create your opt-in subscription users record and database system by issuing the service number of missed call.

    Missed Call Service Use Cases

    1. For purpose of customer mobile verification or cash on delivery verification 2. For instant registration 3. To opt-in or opt-out customers from your lists of promotion 4. For customer lead generation in your marketing campaign 5. For offering trial of your service to users 6. Live event voting, polls and response 7. In contact forms as a call back service

    We classically give a toll free number (usually a 10 digit mobile number) which when dialled by the user receives the ring tone for period of 2 seconds and call gets automatically dropped. In backend side, the user mobile number is registered in our server and you can sight them online promptly. The mobile number data can also be directed to your ERP apps for additional processing through API.
    If needed, an auto reply sms is directed to the caller acknowledging him for calling and notifying him that we have recorded his number and one of our administrative will call him back in short time to comprehend his necessities or concerns.

    What makes our Missed Call Service Stand Out?

    It is not essential to mention, you will have hands on involvement with most attractively designed business messaging panel with all the services included under one roof. You can make missed calls on our practically hosted numbers, direct automated responses, etc.


    Easy to Configuration

    Setting up, organizing and updating VirtualReceptionist with us is very fast and easy. With this feature, you can divert calls to different units in your office, or to particular agents. This provides an impress of a big company.

    Call Recording

    Services for incoming call-recording, several calls simultaneously, caller ID, email and text message notices for the calls get by your list of virtual reception, delaying undesirable calls, online call reports are few of the features we provide.

    Call Routing

    Our virtual receptionist route calls not just too different extensions but even concurrently to your office, home and mobile setup. It also permits to upload your message in form of custom audio greeting.

    Real Time Report

    In this feature, we provide real-time dashboard of virtual receptionist paths and analyses all the calls dialled and received. It offers a better empathetic of the trends in your business.

    Some of the other key features are

  • Single Number
  • Complete Call Tracking
  • Lead Management
  • Intelligent Call Routing
  • Large Simultaneous Calls
  • Using our Virtual Receptionist / IVR Service customers are allowed to call you in your exceptional virtual receptionist number and, in absence of you, will acquire a customized receiving on your behalf. This welcome note can be approached in the language of the area from where the customer is presently calling.

    In our Virtual Receptionist service, we will give customer a list of options to select from. Or the customer will be linked to an agent of personal choice. Customers are allowed to leave a voice mail too. All this can be completed through a web panel available from your smartphone only. You can manage the numbers, use recordings and logs, listen to voicemails and regulate your call settings through our panel.

    You can choose your Virtual Receptionist number of choice and also can select your personal business contact number. Whether it is your lucky number, or a toll-free number, local, or global number, choice is yours. If you want to recollect one of your contemporary numbers your customers are acquainted with, we can port it that also.

    Our Virtual Receptionist IVR service attains almost comprehensive mechanisation of the customer’s phone connections with your CRM system in a cost-operative way and through our service you never miss a business offer any more. We provide Real time analytics feature in which our service of Virtual Receptionist signifies complete control over your present phone system. It is integrated effortlessly into your system. You can attain all your incoming call record at any time. You can get prompt notifications for any unattended calls.

    Our Virtual Receptionist service effortlessly integrates with your contemporary CRM like, making it more beneficial to you. Our customers can find your and such business leads are promptly encompassed in your contact list.

    How our IVR Service works?

    Anybody who calls on your official number (i.e. IVR Number) will initially hear a personalized welcome message such as;
    (For instance: Welcome to XYZ company, we offer complete IT Services ) and submit welcome message it will include list of IVR delay options :
    Dial 1 : For Sales Department
    Dial 2 : For Accounts Department
    Dial 3 : For Marketing Department
    Dial 9 : For Other Services
    Dial 0 : To send a Voice Message

    And depending upon extension option chosen by caller your any incoming call will be mechanically routed promptly to mobile or landline phone plotted to that particular extension. And for this your company agent in real-time begin communicating to caller.

    Once the post call is finished automatically system will transfer greeting sms on caller number using your custom sender ID for example : WEBXIO or JUSTDL or HDFCBK.

    Our IVR Service is a special web based panel provided with comprehensive call log dashboard panel. Your complete call conversion along with using any voice mails are routinely recorded into cloud based IVR system provided by us. You can also listen to call recording anytime by simply login into your call log panel which is web-based.

    Our cloud based Virtual Receptionist / IVR Service is completely customized service and according to your business necessity we can personalize the settings. We also supply API codes with purpose to integrate our IVR Service or Virtual Receptionist Service with your prevailing or latest CRM Solution and multi-level IVR Service is also obtainable from us.

    Key Points of our Cloud IVR Service / IVR Service/ Virtual Receptionist Service :

    - Welcome Message – Multi Language (Fully Customized)
    - Call Log - Web Interface
    - Multi - Extensions with Multi - Mobile/Landline Numbers Mapping
    - Voice Mail
    - Missed Calls Alert
    - Call Recording
    - Custom On-hold Music
    - Free Voice Calls with each Plan
    - Acknowledgment SMS to Caller (optional)
    - API integration with your web-based application (optional)
    - Entire solution is Cloud IVR Service. Hence no hardware cost, no hidden cost.

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  • Our Virtual Receptionist service or IVR Service can be utilised in every business domain and for this we have selected some category of business below:
  • Retail Outlets
  • Banking and financial sector
  • Educational Institutions
  • Real Estate
  • Transport and Logistic sector
  • Job Consultancies
  • Automobile Industry
  • Travel and Tourism
  • Media and Entertainment sector